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The Nehemiah Initiative
The Nehemiah Initiative

Our Vision

To rebuild the families of our community as if they are our own

We Are Comitted to a Rebuilding Project

The breakdown of the family is one of the most significant issues of our time. This is the most fatherless generation in American history, and the negative impact of that issue is far-reaching—crippling not just individuals, but also entire generations of families and communities.

The Nehemiah Initiative is a new Pitt County non-profit that seeks to build and maintain healthy families in our community. Uniquely we seek to surround and uplift single parent families, empower their children to break generational cycles, and combat fatherlessness. We believe healthy individuals create healthy families and healthy families create healthy communities. To this end, we desire to not simply provide physical resources but instead approach individuals and families holistically – caring for them emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well as physically.

Once fully operational, our program will have four primary sub-programs:  Pathways, Dreams, Impact, and Inspire

Our Pathways program exists to walk beside single-parent families, empowering them to break challenging patterns and gain the necessary skills to advance confidently into a healthy, hopeful future

Our Dreams program exists to break generational cycles and build healthy esteem within the children of single parents by providing unique opportunities for their present and future through a heavy investment in the trades and the arts

Our Impact program exists to empower and resource men to grow into maturity, understanding their unique identity and responsibility in our world and their families

Our Inspire program will empower, encourage, and resource existing whole families, enabling them to remain healthy and intact.